Francisco Dosal local Atlanta Artist

So now for the introduction.

I have friends from all over the world. Some with crazy jobs, others so talented it would be a sin to not share them and get the word out!

Soooo first let me introduce one of my oldest friends throwing it all the way back to the skate park days strolling through the high school halls being the rebels we were.

Francisco Dosal.

Fransico is not only a photographer; he’s a author and a painter! The arts are strong in this one! Franny took his life and refurbished it into the beautiful world he’s created and captured in his words, paint and his lens.

Franny writes about the struggles of moving into the states and how the adjustment affected him and his family. Moments some of us couldn’t imagine, chilling visual images that make you feel as if you were there, or maybe you can relate with Francisco and find some hope in his story.

Below is a brief bio from Francisco himself along with the link and summary of his book.

About the Author

Francisco Dosal has been interested in different art forms since childhood. He brings his creative energy to bear as a writer, an oil painter, a photographer, and an entrepreneur. Mr. Dosal resides in the Atlanta metro area where he is proudly partnered with Lowkiiboardco., an up and coming skateboard and street attire company, to serve the skateboarding community.

“A drug lord and his son are found dead. Before anyone can find out that Alejandro was responsible, he flees his country. With the opportunity to pursue a better tomorrow, he dreams of becoming an honest and loving person, but he never truly lets go of who he was and the evil he had done. Alejandro struggles with his identity and his ability to love while his past rushes to catch up to him.
Persela sees life as filled with love and hope, but after being betrayed by her boyfriend and then drugged and raped by a stranger, she discovers pain and grows afraid of the world she once knew. Persela is found by a man who lingers in darkness, a man who hides his hands behind gloves.
Beyond the Good & Evil is the story of how two people from different worlds cross into each other’s lives and the hope they bring to each other.”

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