I wasn’t sure if i should be the ever so sassy woman my family and friends know and sometimes love, or if i should keep things sugar coated and clean cut to add mercy on those with soft skin….

Ive decided that’s crazy i started this blog for artistic relief, knowledge, expression and so much more and i can’t do this things if i half ass this.

Sooo I’m about to hurt some feelings.

My name is Suzie and I’m a millennial. Im labeled to be lazy, mind numb in technology, a moocher and my favorite entitled. Which let me tell you is crazy. Yes, we have those types of people in our age group. *insert eye roll* but so do you Karen.

Most all of my working life, starting at 17 years old; i worked 40 plus hours or more than one job. At one point i lived on my own, had my own car, that i got…on my own, paid my own bills and still had money for fun! I also know every single person I’m associated with has a full time 40 plus hour job, while having children, some are married with kids and a full time job, some are working 2 to 4 jobs trying to keep up.

We work really hard. Millennials were thrown into the world while the school systems didn’t prepare us for any of the real shit out here…

Taxes, money management, mental health, professional etiquette, building credit, properly managing assets.

And then the economy… boy that went to shit fast, also OUR political views are literally all the same HELP THE PEOPLE, SAVE OUR MONEY. Its very simple. But we are also very aware that the government isn’t a system to support, its a system of take.

Millennials are out here trying the best we can, living our best lives, building each other up, having each others back. At least one thing about millennials is we are down for each other. We are down for you and your judgmental glances at our selfies, and tattoos, and music.

Instead of judging a millennial talk to one of us… we are pretty rad.


#millennials #judgement #workinghard #Economy #Kids #Govenment

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  1. Kim mcdaniels says:

    I must say I agree with you, every generation has those lazy and entitled attitudes!! If we take a look at history generations are just repeating themselves in all areas!!


    1. Its true. We are just judged on music and tattoos!


      1. Kim mcdaniels says:

        Judging is wrong…no matter what!! Music and tattoos are way to Express oneself! I must say that I can honestly say we have all judged in some sense. It is harder for my generation to accept the changes in society.


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