Meet Pineapple!

So a few weeks ago i was mindlessly scrolling through insta and my girl Laiken posted a photo of herself and tagged Pineapple Boutiquee!

I of course clicked to check it out and found these adorable hand made necklaces!

First can we talk about how cute these are! And they aren’t pricey at all! Below youll notice a link to her Instagram so you can follow her and purchase the next necklace in your collection!

So i reached out and asked pineapple herself to share her story and here it is a little about your small town business runner!

A little bit about Pineapplee Boutiquee, and me.
My name is Olivia Pons, but everyone calls me Olive Pineapple. Sounds weird, but when I was little my two best friends gave me the nickname. I hadn’t thought about it for a long time, but when I moved to North Carolina, more specifically Wilmington, I thought, why not bring it back. I put it as my social media handle and it surely did stick. Now everyone pretty much knows me as pineapple, or that girl that is obsessed with pineapples (cause I am).
I have always been a crafty person. I love thrift shop DIYs, painting, and basically any project you can imagine, or find on Pinterest. About a year ago I started on a piece for my wall in my house. I would walk up and down Wrightsville Beach collecting sea shells. I took them home to paint them with a shiny clear coat and glue them to a canvas. It started out such a beautiful collage of sea shells, but then I had an idea. I had some extra shells, and decided to start making some necklaces. I made one and it was such a hit. As the requests grew, and my collections of beach treasures grew I began to get creative. Now I have all different styles, sea shells, shark teeth, and the most popular sea glass creations.
This business has created such a peace of mind for me. I get to channel my artistic side, and every aspect of the business makes me happy. I connect with people all over and bring a little piece of Wrightsville to their homes. I make friends and connections through social media which is a favorite past time of mine. And finally I get to photograph my pieces and help others see my vision for my jewelry the way I do.
I love how much my little business has grown and I can only hope for it to grow even more. It has been an amazing journey so far and the future looks bright for Pineapplee Boutiquee.”

I don’t know about y’all but small business owners are the shit! They make their own dreams happen and i love to see their growth and support it!

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