Switching Side

A lot of times we like to judge a situation off of our own opinions instead of putting ourselves in someone elses shoes, we forget that Sally from down the street and Jesse from up the street won’t agree on everything, they won’t always understand, and they certainly can’t feel what the other is feeling.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was killed. May her beautiful soul rest in peace. In the midst of her death it brought me to meet Landon.

And this is the story of Landon.

I could never imagine how landon felt 6 plus years ago. As a teenager its hard enough to figure out where you belong, who you want to be, who aren’t your people and who are. Landons story is much more than a regular teen trying to fit it. He was trying to fit into the world and into his own skin.

Landon is and will always respectfully be referred to as a sir, gentlemen, and man!

However that wasn’t always the case.

And to understand Landons side i had to ask a few questions!

First meet Landon!

I mean look at that smile!

Sooo lets start here…
When did you know this is something you wanted to do?

I always knew from a very young age that I was born in the wrong body (I go by he/him pronouns) I would always look at my body and just tell myself my body doesn’t match my soul. I would look down at my parts at age 4 and be like pee pee instead of tee tee. I always wore baggy shirts to conceal my chest but growing up in very Christian family I couldn’t be who I always knew I was. I’m a preachers kid, I was held to certain standards I had to ALWAYS be at church, always sing at church. Had to wear skirts and dresses only, basically be this person I wasn’t. I first came out at 12 but fear of being physically abused I kept going back in and out the closet. I was abused for a very long time because of it so I came out as lesbian, few years later I still didn’t feel comfortable with my skin. That something was still missing, went to a friends house one day stayed the night and decided to cut my hair off and start living my life who I was landon Micheal pre t. My parents kicked me out due to I wasn’t what they wanted me to, what they had planned for me. I’ve been shunned completely, disowned and beaten by the people that I thought would love me the most but now I’ve had my attempts 6 times and now on hormones for a year and a half I have no regrets for any of it or what I went through, everything has made me who I am. That’s why I’m so determined to help others like me and my community. I still have no contact with my real parents but it’s okay because I’m in a such happier place in my life with being my authentic self.


How long is the whole process?

I have to do the hormones replacement shots the rest of my life. I’ve had a full hysterectomy/ a double mastectomy. I could have bottom surgery but I’ve chosen not too. It’s a personal choice of my own

Keep dat booty doe! We are down for the bootys on cute guys.



Do you have support from your friends?

I have about 4 close friends that I speak to every single day that love and support me no matter what. But my community honestly helps me through it all even through social media

Whats it feel like to be in the skin you love?

It’s seriously the best feeling to ever feel. Honestly to finally be with one with your mind and soul is a beautiful thing. I’m entirely blessed

If you could let my readers know one thing about the battle you’re going through what would it be?

Never never give up, your story is just beginning. Always never be afraid to be true self. It does get better

And what about to the haters?

Screw them they don’t matter! There will always be hater regardless in life but you keep pushing forward and never let someone stop you from your dreams

And this is just a little of the things hes endured. This is just a peek of what landon feels.

I’m so glad i got the opportunity to talk with him and learn more about his transition. Ill hope to learn more and watch as his growth amazes me more.

Below I’ve attached pictures of landon and his gorgeous twin from before his journey!

I hope Landon’s support continues i hope my readers become more aware of others and i hope that you never go through life passing judgement on something you couldn’t possibly know anything about.

Till next time cool cats!

~Scintillating Suzie

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