Conditioning the Generations.

Im the last person to tell you how to raise your child.
And this does not go for every man or every woman.
However, we live in a world where the men are conditioned to think the woman they are to marry is suppose to take care of them like we are their mother.
And we’ve conditioned our women to think this is a realistic and obvious part to the role.

Well you are wrong.
We are not their mothers. We are their partners. Their lovers. Their best friend. Not their mother.

Its not a religious thing, its not a equal rights thing… it is….
If youre with someone and think doing nothing while they do everything is acceptable… i want to punch you in the throat.

If youre in a relationship allowing that other person to treat you like that i want to scream at you in passionate anger why you deserve better.

I hope my generation of moms does this better. We deserve better.
Our sons deserve better.
Our daughters deserve better.

#condiontioning #toxicrelationship

#mentalgrowth #grownmen #domesticviolence #verbalabuse #healthyrelationship #prayer #parenting #moms

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