Been awhile….

Its an empty feeling when you have someone around that never talks to you. Never acts as if your worth any kind of attention. When someone you give all of yourself too acts as if your presence isn’t necessary, or wanted.

But then you find someone. Not for intimate purposes, but just to hold a conversation with…and they treat you as if your a pleasure to be around. And its weird…because you’re so use to being annoying or to chatty that you kinda get anxious that you’re talking to much.

Its a empty feeling when you beg for the attention of one person and they act as if your a chore instead of a the best part of their day.

Then you meet someone who wants to shower you in affection and love…and its weird. Like uncomfortable because you’re not sure how to respond or act, or even where to put your hands.

Its a empty feeling when someones told you, you make them miserable so many times how could you possibly bring joy to anyone.

So you meet someone who tells you, you’re their sunshine, their happy place. And you wonder how?!

Its a empty feeling when you’ve crushed every bit of who you are because nothing you did was good enough…and then you find someone who loves everything about you that annoyed someone else….


Just remember. Its not you its them.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

#healthyrelationship #verbalabuse #emotionalabuse #beaware #beyou #getout #behappy #women #men

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