The Analogy

Mac miller passed.
Grande was blamed by millions of people. She was told because she didnt stick around his death was on her hands…
It really hit home.
Miller was lost in his own thoughts and his own mind. So much so he couldn’t pull himself out of his depression.
She loved him.
She cared for him.
And I constantly see post about “they only love you if they stick around through the hardtimes…. ”
100% you are a team, but yall cant expect people to go around healing the ones they love when they don’t want to be healed.
Grande poured herself into Miller.
She tried to fix him, show him his worth.
She kept refilling her cup and pouring herself into him.
But his glass was broken.
So she kept refilling herself to empty herself out into this broken man while he couldn’t even recieve that love. It was slowly creeping out of the crack in his glass. So she was there constantly cleaning a mess she created by giving herself to someone who couldn’t bring it together.
And that’s mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.

Yes, always check on your loved ones.
Yes, depression is real and it’s hard and it sucks ass.
Yes, if both are willing to make a change, it can work.
Yes, this is 100% effort on both ends.
Yes, communicate communicate communicate.
Yes, no relationship is perfect and no 2 people agree on everything, but its call compromises.
Yes, LACK OF GROWTH will inevitably come with failure.


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