I have been meaning to introduce you all to the Man Jiggsaw.

I met Jiggsaw about 8 years ago now. Him and his family have always been good to me. Hes always been involved with music and if you haven’t heard his beats…you will by the end of the day.

A few things I like about this artist. Hes real. If hes got your respect, hes got you. He will always tell you like it is. And his music always makes you wanna get the fuck up and jam.

So I had to interview him and see where it all started and where it steams from. So ladies and gents, meet Jiggsaw!

First is first. How did you get started with music?

“Growing up I listened to country. It’s really all my grandmother would allow in the house besides gospel music. I still remember my sister getting a Boyz 2 Men cassette tape for christmas and she said it was “rap”. My sister didn’t keep it long because she didn’t like listening to my grandmother complain about it.
In the 6th grade I joined the school band and played the trumpet. It’s where I learned to read and write music and a couple of years later I found alternative rock and heavy metal.
In the 9th grade I was joined a melodic death metal band.A couple years later I started smoking weed and found Bone Thuggs and Cypress Hill. Snoop Dogg. Tech N9ne. They led me to ICP. Those are my influences as well as Eminem, 50 cent, and Sir Mixalot.
After I left the band I tried to find new musicians to work with and when that didn’t work I hit a writers block. It lasted 4 years.
In that time I fell in love with ICP and their mesaage. That was enough for me for awhile, but in 2011 when I realized I still had a voice and a message of my own I couldnt leave it alone.”

Where would I like to see my music go?

“Into the earholes of anyone who has never heard it. Seriously.
In short, to be heard, maybe even known. I’m not concerned with making millions, although that would be nice. So fortune, no. Fame on the other hand…
I’d like to get my name out at least locally. I’d like to at least end up being regarded as a reliable NC heavy hitter. Much like the legends F. Dux, Tre’stylez, and Ed E. Ruger.”

Whats my favorite song and the story behind it?

“Super tough question.
I’m gonna go with HaHaHa. I wrote it about 2 years ago in the midst of a falling out with my partner at the time. We were working on a group project called SMUT. I had put all of my energy into it. Sacrificing the growth of my own career. When it didnt pan out and I dropped the clutch that was the first single. It showcased my recently evolved flow.”

Here is a link to “HaHaHa”


The one, the only Jiggsaw.


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