Making changes…

So I seem to take long breaks in between post. To which I apologize. I just want to provide solid content.

Today, I’m announcing that I’ve made a few changes to some of my habits here lately and I’ll be making more.

Weightloss programs every where are popping up and are extremely popular. You watch and look upon instagram success stories wondering what’s going on, how is this possible.

Well I’ve been trying to lose weight for right at a year this past year I’ve dropped 20lbs. I weight 160 this time last year not I stay between 130 and 140.

Reaching 137 was such a thrill. I kicked my extremely bad habit of dr pepper, 6 cups of coffee a day, on top of other habits I needed to kick.

I have PCOS and Hypothyroidism.

Side affects are:


Weight gain




Hair growth

And more I’m honestly to embarrassed to share.

My anxiety and depression have controlled my life and my decisions and honestly more than anything have held me back from doing all that I am capable of.

I’ve wanted to work out, I want to run again and feel my feet hit the pavement, I want my lungs to burn and my body to ache. But my anxiety says you dont know how to use anything at the gym, they’ll make fun of you, they’ll talk about you, and then I get in a funk and I get scared and then my depression kicks in and I get unmotivated.

But it’s still there my body wants the change mentally I’m ready but I’ve allowed so much of my own faults and problems slow me down.


I’m ready. I weigh a good 133.4 as of this morning. I will get to my goal of 120 and find the peace of mind about myself everyone else has.

Because while my wonderful boyfriend loves me the way I am, and my family, and my kids, and my friends. I dont. I’m not happy with me and what I see and it doesnt start with them it starts with my change!

So here we go.

Here’s to no sugar.

Here’s to less bread and potatoes. Things I love soo sooo much.

No more tastykake powdered donut….which I could marry. I swear they are mixed with crack.

Here’s my journey thus far!

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