Mondays, EVERYONES favorite day of the week!

Am I right? or am I right? eh.

So last week I announced on my social media that I was beginning a 5 day challenge where I add 4 healthy habits into my daily routine. Now I work 8 to 10 hours a day plus 3.5 hours in commute one day and every other week I have 2 toddlers running rampant throughout the house. With that being said you can tell that excuses are my friend!

if you don’t know what my 4 habits were here they are:

  • read 10 pages a day
  • journal daily
  • meditate
  • vitamins

Now I haven’t found the right vitamins for myself. I’ve tried a few over the last few years but they didn’t settle well or the side affects were kicking my butt. I suppose I shouldn’t be such a wuss; since I haven’t been taking care of my body properly for some time now. It would only make sense that it throws my body out of whack when I throw in the good stuff and throw out the bad. (if you have any vitamin recommendations please let me know! )

Yesterday was my day to work out so once I got home after a 2 hour drive home I made me a protein shake, changed grabbed a water and Luna and I started the sweat works. I do a 20 minute workout in the yard since its been such along time since I forced myself to actively use my body I’ve started out slow.

  • 2 reps of 20 squats
  • 3 minutes of jump rope/ jumping jacks
  • 2 reps of 20 push ups
  • 2 reps of 30 second plank
  • 5 laps around the house.

The New boo set me up with this easy get up and go work out. I still find myself unmotivated, but I did it yesterday and felt much better about myself. instead of doing it only 3 days a week I need to push myself for a 20 min workout daily to get my mind and body use to moving. it can only get easier with each day. After my work out I had my chocolate protein shake and a apple.

after enjoying my crisp snack I took the time to watch Lavendaire with Aileen Xu. She has so many videos and recommendations about how to help yourself grown in tune with your own path. I’ve become very fond of her, so much so I’ve excluded my video watching to binge watch her! She spoke about some music she uses to focus when she’s journaling or focused on work. I actively use spotify to build my playlist and listen to music. So after watching her most recent video,I put on “Deep Focus” to write 3 pages of brain dump on to the pages, nothing specific just how the day was and how I felt throughout the day. Just so I could really reflect on my emotions.

After my apple and journaling I did 5 minutes of stretching and meditating while playing some High Vibrations music. It really sets the mood to allow my muscles to relax and my body to breathe the way it needs too. I’ve been trying to stretch more due to the lack of range of motion, and it really seems to help with not only my migraines but with how comfortable I am in my everyday activities!


I use to love reading, it was something I would do to escape a current situation or day. These days I find myself making excuses for why I don’t read and write more and why I don’t do my craft activities! HOWEVER, with that said its a must that I pick up a book or 3 each month. Last night I dipped my toe into “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero! The 10 pages I was suppose to read easily turned into 20 then I felt my eyes get heavy and it was time to make some blood orange tea and watch “The Last Kingdom.”

Day one wasn’t so bad. I did realize to actually meditate I must be still and focus. Im no good at the being still part which is why I did the yoga. Not to mention yoga has a ton of benefits to it as well, so while we are on the road to better mental and physical health we might as well enjoy it!

I am a little anxious about the vitamins given the last few times I tried them didn’t go over well at all! I do assure you I will find some that works for me and I will begin taking them daily!

Let me know what 4 habits you want to work on and start in your everyday life! Then let me know how you did with your first week!

Below is the link to Lavendaire

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