Week Reflection


Day 2:

Day 2… was a challenge for sure. I did take five minutes to count my breath and center myself. It was much needed. We had a emergency to deal with on Tuesday, the man of the house tore his abdomen muscle and has been on bed rest. Needless to say I didn’t work out. I did write in my journal and read 10 pages in my book. I made sure to at least do that! I noticed its getting a lot easier to drink my water throughout the day I easily got down my morning water bottle before 7am and my mid morning water was down before 11am!

I sit at a desk all day so I make sure I get up, and stretch, and move around a bit. That’s when I got my reading done; when I found some free time. When you have a busy schedule that’s what you have to do. you have to find the 5 minutes here or there so get your stretch in, or your work out. Remember you cant live your best life if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Be good to your body, spirit and mind and they will be good to you!

Day 3:

I knew I needed to work out so I did a small 15 minute up my heart rate gig. a few jumping jacks, planks, and pushups. Journaling was short it was a long busy day and I didn’t get home till 630pm. I cooked a small shrimp and rice bowl! The shrimp was actually really good. The man of the house was is still healing so I tried to do most of the picking up so he wouldn’t feel the need to do so. I did NOT meditate on Wednesday, but I did read 10 pages in my book before my eyes got tired and it was time to watch “The Last Kingdom” and off to sleep I went!

Day 4:

Friday Jr. I was exhausted by Thursday. I hadn’t slept well all week, and work wasn’t terrible but it was a long tiring week. I did work out Thursday! I switched it up with some similar work outs but I needed a change! I definitely wrote in the journal going into depth about the week. I read my 20 pages and then watched my show!

Day 5:


We made it to the end! So I didn’t manage to perform all my activities every single day! However things happen and do stand in the way sometimes. I did do my work outs most nights and journal and read. Meditating seems to be a hard thing for me to do, so i will have to create a system that motivates me and helps me quiet my mind down even if its just for 5 minutes.

Also I purchased my Vitamins this weekend! and started taking them! So that will be a everyday thing as well. My love got me a Monday – Friday pill holder for my vitamins and allergy medicine so I always remember to take them!

Now I have my journal next to the bed at all times so I can journal even if its just a few sentences before good oh slumber hits me. My book is either on my kindle or my phone both also next to the bed, and of course you know my vitamins and meds are lined up next to the teas so I cant forget those!

Overall I feel much better energy wise. I still Miss the shit out of coffee……does that ever go away? My morning tea is a Earl Grey and a touch of Honey. If you have any recommendations for creamer replacements in my coffee or really good teas to try! Im down to clown!

Well that’s all for last weeks Challenge its a new week!

Till next time Cool Kids!

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