How many of us know the tale of how ROME was founded?

Well if you don’t, bare with me while I give you the readers digest and then I’m going to go into why this has been heavy on my mind.

It was 753 B.C. the Trojan Warriors lost Troy and it was considered a fallen city. The Aeneas Traveled with few women and children and landed near the Tiber River. There was one woman named Roma who refused to move on with the men and so she led the women into the burning ships leaving the men stranded.

Amongst the men were Romulus and Remus. They started to build on this land and both became ridden with greed. There are stories of how often the brothers argued over the ruling of the land and how it would be built. When one day Romulus killed his younger brother and named the land after himself. In turn we have ROME.

Now you’re probably thinking how on earth is this relevant.  well Rome wasn’t built in a day, the saying is well known and used often. The Trojans had no plan to fall in battle and then to be stranded by their women. Just like you and I don’t plan for our children to be sick, we don’t plan to be short on bills, we don’t plan on mental health, accidents, and any other problems that may be grinding your gears day in and day out. Things happen that we couldn’t possibly see coming every single day. The Trojans didn’t let that stop them. They had no choice but to continue were they just going to sit down and die or were they going to thrive and create one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

You are the most beautiful being on the planet. Your life does revolve around you. How you handle things and the get down moments of your life define who you are. I know I have said that before but I will say it till the day I die. This week has been trying and stressful, but this week will not define me. This struggle bus is not where I want or need to be. So I’m going to get up and build my own Rome. Somewhere I can thrive in.

Your purpose in life may not be known but where you are is not where you are meant to stay. life isn’t about staying stagnant and not going anywhere. You should want something better than this. For you. For your spouse. For your children. Growth is inevitable. Everyday you should find something to be grateful for and find something you want to focus on. These two life hacks have really allowed me to blossom the way I’m supposed to.

Everyday I am grateful for food in my belly, roof over my head, my love, my children, my car, even my job.

Everyday what I want to work on balance, patience, time management, my personal motivation.

It is so important to realize your flaws and shortcomings, because if you find yourself aware of them you subconsciously start to pick up on the fact that you need to change these parts of yourself to make your life better.

out of energy….what am I eating?

depressed….am I exercising and finding something to help my mental health?

ready for a change…but am I making any effort to change it?

Also as you make these changes in your life you are going to lose people, those are the people who have no future in your life. Their purpose is done with you even if its something like you outgrew someone.

I’ve outgrown many people. People who are family, people who are life long friends, but I had to shed the skin they knew to find the skin I love. I may not love everything about myself or my life but I’m managing my life right now and making the necessary changes.

Are you?

Till next Time cool cats!

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