Mental Health

Good Morning from the EC!

8am here and realizing its been about a week in a half since my last post.

I apologize I have been moving my family! We found a Beautiful home for us and the babies and of course Luna Bear! So its safe to say we have been busy and I had little time to rest so I took it to relax instead of focusing on Coffee Talk.

However, I am back now and today we shall discuss work and the cost it has on your mental health. I’m addressing employers on this one and reminding all the hard workers out there to remember to take care of yourself!

I myself work in a Corporate Collision Center in Atlanta. So growing the business and making it better is always in the focus. Growing your team, training them for the next best thing to make them more money and I’m hopeful we all work for someone who wants to make YOUU more money as well. Now of course I know that’s not the case. It took me a long time to find a business that was interested in long term employees that promoted from within the team. They are few and far between.

With that said I still work 8 to 10 hours and I commute almost 2 hours one way. So a 8 hour day quickly turns into a 14 hour day. I get home at 7, eat shower, watch some TV before I drift off and babe leans over and whispers “Bump bump, you’re falling asleep” and shovels me to the bed. Its a Lather, Rinse Repeat process and on the weeks we have the kids I’m even more exhausted. I am lucky to have a man now that cooks and cleans for me when he has free time. I’m thankful he’s considerate enough to think “she’s probably not gonna wanna cook so I will.” But I didn’t always have that. That’s a Luxury I’ve only had for about 6 months.

This time last year I was with a man who didn’t mind watching me cook, clean, do the yard work, take the trash out, work more than he did, took every penny I made, I took care of our daughter, I took care of HIS cats and the dog, I did everything on top of this same job running these same hours…only less pay. Unfortunately in the midst of trying to juggle everything I forgot and neglected to take care of myself.

Now I’m living a very different life. As you have noticed in my previous post I’m on the road of Self love. Thanks to last week I noticed I need it. My body Craves a work out, Craves my vitamins. I did try Coffee again and it doesn’t seem like the almond milk made much of a difference. After experimenting for a few weeks I can defiantly tell that the coffee is a stressor on my body especially with my PCOS and hypothyroidism.

So even if I am working all these hours I need to take 30 minutes too breathe and love myself. 15 of exercise and 15 of music and quiet time. Unplug from Social media and read something. Babe recently gave me a Norse Mythology book I’m really excited to dive into. So even if your employer is running you like a dog even before you lay your beautiful heads down to slumber take some time to wind down, focus on your breath and the quiet around you.

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