What I Knew to What I Know

First we are going to update on the start of my spiritual journey. In the beginning I made 4 adjustments to my life.

  • Vitamins
  • Meditation
  • Reading more
  • Journaling

Vitamins: Not only has my energy levels increased over the last month, but I have nails for the first time in my entire life. Not flimsy breakable nails but strong sturdy nails. I’m really obsessed with how pretty they have turned out! Some days I struggle to remember to take them especially on busy mornings with the kids or on the weekends when my routine is at the random beck and call of the toddlers.

Meditation: In the beginning of my journey I really Struggled with this. 5 minutes of eyes closed and mind down. I would sit and fidget and open my eyes and realize I was moving and unfocused on my mind. Two days ago I managed 5 whole minutes unbothered, sitting outside soaking up the sun and the wind. I grounded myself imagining a root reaching and wrapping around me it was a wonderfully spiritual. (if you’re actively trying to focus keep going it will get easier!)

Reading: I have read one whole book actually recommended by my manager called the question behind the question by John G Miller https://amzn.to/34O5BA8 <<<You can find a copy here! Its about living in accountability! its a quick great read. Its especially good for anyone who is in the process of creating a better mindset for themselves. I actively live by these standards so I hope you find some good bits of advice as well! The other book I’ve been reading is Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman https://amzn.to/2LzjY3O <<< attached here.

Journaling: I don’t journal every day, sometimes I get to tired to focus on writing but I do make sure that when I’m down and out. If I’m not feeling spiritually aligned with my own self I remember its important to connect my words and thoughts on paper.

I’ve found myself reaching for different things to focus on. Its almost overwhelming to have to pick where to start and what to learn on a spiritual awakening journey because there is so much out there.

I’ve found myself in the Eclectic Witch path here recently. Which is my own approach with witchcraft. I have traditional witch traits and green witch traits, also kitchen and grey witch qualities. Therefore my path is a specifically picked set of rituals and needs that meet what resonates with my soul. We do not follow any specific religion but study and learn from different systems. I have been called toward Norse and pagan ways as opposed to the Christian religion what I was raised on.

As I have grown I have found that Christianity isn’t what calls to me. I enjoy the stories and the set morals that Christ follows. However, Norse Gods have a set of morals I followed long before I knew much about the ways of pagans. Pagans are considered Polytheistic for they usually speak to more than one God. We don’t pray much. We speak to our Gods but we do not call upon them in times of stress or need. It’s our duty to take care of our own business and problems and hope the Gods hold us in their favor! I speak and do rituals for my ancestors and ask they protect my children but that’s about it. Our family does do Full moon and New Moon rituals. We light candles and use crystals and sage for cleansing. I’m extremely new to most of this but as I learn and grow my path continues to change.

Also as I move through this path my creative side is itching to release itself. I mentioned a few post back I did a intuitive healing reading with the wonderful Sheri Friedman! She has a Facebook, Instagram and a website just google her she’s well worth the visit! Anyway every time my creative funk comes in or maybe I feel off track I often think of my conversation with Sheri. She grounded me and took a look at my chakras informing me my Crown Chakra is wide open! So it makes sense that my creative side is thriving. Sheri told me if I want to manifest something I needed to put some energy into it. So since then I have started Wood burning, selling paintings in my free time, creating little home décor crafts and selling those. Much to my surprise almost everything I have made has found a new home! I’ve even managed to ship to other states which is AMAZZINGG!
Sheri reminded me to believe in myself and the magick that dwells inside of me is natural I just need to learn to control and manifest through it!

So keep reading, keep stretching, keep your body and mind moving. Growth is inevitable. If you fight it life will defeat you. We aren’t meant to stay in one spot, we aren’t meant to pay bills and die. So embrace you and the life you live and remember in the words of Aileen Xu “Energy flows where Attention goes!”

Till next time Cool Cats!

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