I know, I know… I’m sorry I’ve been gone. last month was crazy I had surgery, two sick babies and I’m still recovering. But I’m back and ready to fill you in!

This Morning on the way to work I was listening to my favorite podcast right now, “Awaken your inner Witch.” With Kelly Dawn.
Side Note:
First off if you are just starting your spiritual journey and looking for some insight, guidance, or just all around knowledge please get on board with this podcast. I started just a few weeks ago, she keeps them super short for busy witches, so all in all super convenient. Also not just witches anyone of spiritual practice at all can really focus on these podcast she releases. I’m almost caught up I’m on Episode 52 and right now she has 57 episodes.

I don’t remember the exact episode I was listening to this morning, my commute is 2 hours so I listen to 4 episodes a ride. But she had a guest speaker on and they used a term called “old Programming” and it really hit home for me. She also spoke on how she started her journey and how it affected those around her. So we are going dive into conditioning of society and how others may see the change in you.


Get a “real” job, go to college, find a spouse, make babies…repeat.

Stay Thin, Don’t have frizzy hair, no acne, no double chin, etc.

Society is constantly trying to tell you what to do and more specifically how to do it. Conditioning us to all conform to the usual norm. Well I’m here to tell you Fuck it. This is a new age, with new everything. Including yourself. In fact that’s what you need to focus on. How do you feel about you? Are you happy with where you are at? Are you happy doing what you are doing?

I was Engaged, a mom, a Customer service rep for a dealership, but I wanted, and still do want more. Its ok to be greedy, its ok to want more, BUT in order to want more and reap the benefits of more you have to put in the work. I am not as attentive to my blog or my art as I want to be, but I am actively working through that. Reconditioning myself to believe and know its ok to live the life I want to live. I’m actively reminding myself to affirm out loud what I’m trying to manifest. Which is a artist lifestyle. I want to walk with you all through your journeys. I want to share the magic of my own. I want you to believe like I do and make things happen for yourself, when no one else believes we can or that it should happen. And when I say I want you to believe like me, I mean I want you to believe in yourself and your dreams, even if they aren’t matched with mine. Which is completely normal. I’m constantly reminding the people in my life that no 2 people will agree on everything, you wont have the same views on exactly everything and that’s the marvelous part. You have the ability and power to be who you want.

As I have started to branch out and become the newest version of myself, I have noticed some backlash from some others in my life. I was raised as a Christian so coming out as pagan and openly performing rituals obviously comes off as evil and corrupt. Of course I know I am not causing any harm to myself but Kelly made a great point this morning. “Its worry for us spiritually and it comes from a place of love.” So as I have received feedback from loved ones with their concern I make sure I’m in the highest form of vibrations to receive the love from that worry but to reject any words that may slow my progress down. Now Kelly had a special guest named Jen Lytle a holistic healer and she explained that instead of being fearful of the anxiety and backlash you get and feel: EMBRACE this. Its a battle to spiritually open up; so trying to avoid the battle will only prolong your progress and process.

” break the program within you making you think, you cant do energy work, I felt like I was going crazy…learn to love yourself” -Jen Lytle

“So much of this work is not about consuming information but getting back to who you are. if you stripped away the programming that you’ve been conditioned to we would be so much more powerful than you think.” -Kelly Dawn

Break the stigma. Be you. Because you are more magical than you’re willing to believe.


I am Magical as fuck.

I am ready to be me.

I am ready to make shit happen.

Till next time loves.

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