Full Moon Energy

Tomorrow is the Full Moon for November, the Beaver Moon. It will shine in the constellation Aries on Nov. 12, 2019 the same day as the peak of the Northern Taurid meteor shower and a day after Mercury transits the sun. Sharing the Sky with the Beaver Moon will be Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn!

This is a great time to focus on the things you want to manifest, the dreams you are creating can unfold in this time. Its also a great time to release and get rid of anything that no longer serves you. Making sure to cleanse your space of negative or unwanted energies. If you feel a little moody and overwhelmed this full moon remember we are in control of ourselves. I’m going to give you a few ways to show yourself some ways to recenter and show some self love.

  • Moon bath- Sit outside and soak up some moon rays find some peace for the gentle and calming energy of the moon and just being outdoors will allow you to clear some headspace!
  • Meditate- This is absolutely a HUGE one. just 5 minutes of quiet time, closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, and closing out any disturbing or stressful thoughts.
  • Journal- If you’re like me and cant find the time or need to journal every day you should at least do it once a week to release any bullshit you’re carrying throughout your week.
  • Daily Affirmations- I AM releasing all that does not serve me! I AM choosing to be free, I AM letting go of self doubt, anxiety, and fear!

I personally will be setting out Creek water to turn it into moon water, charging my crystals and doing a money ritual along with releasing any unnecessary energy that I am holding onto. I think I will continue with a few more post on our Good friend the Moon. I think she could go for being a little more understood.

She may reside in the darkness, but she is a bright energy allowing us to do wonderful things for our own lives.

I know today was short and sweet but it was right to the point at the end of this week I will share with you the different phases and how we can incorporate her into your daily life allowing her to work through your words and own power!

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