The Impact of Others

Happy Monday My loves,

First I would like to address all of the new readers and subscribers we received over the last two months. You all are absolutely amazing! I cant express to you how grateful I am for your Support.

Today we are going to discuss the impact others have on your lives. From the people who are the¬†closest to you and the ones you don’t know at all but pass judgment. So lets get one thing straight we all pass judgement, whether it is because of someone’s choice of clothing, physical appearance, or personal situation we may not understand. Even if its something we wouldn’t see as offensive. Any thought of anyone else is a form of judgement. For several reasons.

  • I’ve lived a life you haven’t so maybe¬†I don’t understand why you made the decision you made.
  • I have never struggled in life (I Personally Have) but cant wrap my head around someone else’s struggle
  • I’ve never lost anyone so I may not understand the grieving process.

These are just a few examples but there are many things in this world that aren’t meant for all of us. As I have changed my path and I have tried to remove the Christian subtext in my life I have found that some want to ask questions until they understand, while others will question my every move and its all from a place of worry but the path I have chosen hasn’t been accepted by everyone. Inside my circle and out.

However, as I continue this path I fall more in love with me and what I want to do in this world. I feel more called to the spiritual path than the religious one.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love and respect anyone within my circle with genuine and heartfelt worries which is what they are. That doesn’t mean I need to disregard the calling of my heart and soul. As you move out of the box that becomes comfortable for you, you will start to realize that when you aren’t conforming to the general “NORM” society tends to get a little worked up and suddenly total strangers are worried for your soul and telling you ” your art wont be successful, do you know how much work it takes too be successful” doubting my limitations. I recently started work outs with beachbody and there’s a young woman I recently met in my accountability group and she said ” they are basing their judgment on their own limitations and self doubt.” and she’s absolutely right!

No one but you knows your limits. Stop letting everyone else tell you what you are capable of, and what you can and will be successful at. You’re never going to go where your dreams want you to go if you hold on to the guidelines and boundaries others have set for themselves.

A fish, Lizard, Plant, you place all of these is a space where it can grow; if you contain yourself in a box that isn’t big enough for you to grow in, you will forever be trapped in a box you made based off someone else’s opinions of your capabilities.

Todays Affirmations: (say them outloud) WORDS HAVE POWER

  1. I am strong and capable
  2. I am powerful and limitless
  3. I am beauty and grace

Remember Energy grows where attention goes!

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