New Moon Energy

Happy Monday Dears,

Here we are embarking on another holiday week and what a better time to reflect and join in energies with the New Moon. Its tomorrow at 10:05am Eastern time and 7:05am Pacific Time! Now as we enter it lets remember; Every time the sun changes sign there is a noticeable shift in energy. On Saturday, November 22nd the sun will arrive from the dark, mysterious depths of Scorpio into the flexible, deep rooted fire sign of Sagittarius.

Now that we have finally finished the retrograde on the 20th, you should feel a peace and calming sense enter your energies as the New Moon enters just a day before Thanksgiving. It will bring togetherness, concentration, and most importantly gratitude! The New Moons purpose each month is to get us to focus on our internal issues. It often is the prefect time to leave something or someone behind. Ironically I left my ex and called off the wedding this exact time of year last year not knowing that the intention of this time of year is to be happy and surrounded by love. Anything less than that is undeserving of you and your energy.

The fact that this New Moon is placed within the Sagittarius this month means you may have a little more fire and passion and maybe even more energy than usual. This is a time for you to crave new things and to start new journeys you may have been thinking about starting. Sagittarius are known to like a good challenge and journey so now is the time to step out of that comfort zone you have created for yourself and allow the magick to work.

So to sum it up between the Sagittarius power and the Manifestation of the New Moons potential for the future you may find some Center for your motivation and find the little push you needed for your independent mindset! This is the perfect phase if you have goals you are focused on now is the time to set those intentions and get the ball rolling before the Full Moon on December 12th. Through this time span the things you want and believe in will never be more obvious to you.

Open that third eye, make your affirmations and believe it the skill set you have and the power you have. This week is a great time to journal about the up level you. Write a journal entry about what your perfect day looks like. Then Draw up a chart showing what you want and on the other side state what you need to get it done. For we can dream all day but if we don’t work and manifest and believe in our words and actions we will forever be stagnant. Just like the people in the world wont hand you what you want on a silver platter neither will the universe. You must work to reap the benefits of the works you have sown.

  • Journal your dream day.
  • Chart out what you want/ what you need to get there.
  • Take a single step (any steps toward your goals no matter how big or small is some form of work) Keep it up and you will notice progress.
  • Meditate ( find time to relax and re-center yourself.)
  • Fuel your body properly ( a healthy diet keeps your energy up and mind focused)
  • be aware of your own mental health ( even I hit depressed ruts, find a way to pull yourself out of it.)

As you Enter tomorrows New Moon energy these are things you can do to be proactive. These aren’t just tips on how to manifest for yourself, they are also ways to show yourself some love and self care.

Till next time beauties!

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