Decade Gone

Happy Cold Moon Ladies and Gents!

This is the last post of the year and the final post of the decade. We are about to start another fabulous year!

The good news is, YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER.

Tonight is going to be the perfect night to take some time to quiet your mind and spirit. Lets focus on what we want for the next year, set goals for each month that way you know your story is set up for success. Most times things don’t always go as planned; you may have to wing it like your eyeliner but overall as long as the battle is won the WAR is yours to take.

This last year was a whirlwind of changes. I was supposed to get married to the father of my daughter this year. I didn’t. I left him last November causing adjustments for my daughter and myself. We temporarily shared a tiny room in my mothers house sharing a bed and personal space for six months. I found the man of my dreams, we found a home and moved into together. I switched up a lifetime of beliefs on myself. I started pursuing my artwork, only to find that its what I really want to do. So this month I opened my online shop and began selling from there and adding other crafts to my skill set. So as I enter 2020 I am fully aware IT IS MY YEAR!

Tonight I will anoint myself with StonedBastet (find her on IG) High John oil I like to use it on my dry skin. I will light a candle for intention and burn some sigils to make my wants and needs known to our wonderful universe. Please take a moment to meditate at some point to relax your body and your mind and acknowledge what you want.

Be extremely clear. If you need 10,000 dollars, be sure to explain what for “I attract 10k for my business, home and stability!” Our moon cant read your mind any more than you can read my mind. SCREAM it if you have to just make sure your ancestors can hear you!

As you start to set your intentions and goals you will see things are coming to you because your energy attracts these things to your life. If we are constantly down on ourselves and believe things are never going to change, they aren’t going to. You have to want the change and want something different bad enough to believe it can and will happen. Put in the work, put in the effort, make sure the intentions are there and go make your dreams come true!

Till next time cool cats!

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